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“The Root of All Evil”

Written by Blockchain News


Hello apes,

I’m back.

me after my last DD

I found an extra crayon in the jar to write this DD.

My god, it looks delicious, but the good apes should hear this… Blueberry crayons are my favorite…

This actually was DD that I wanted to post before BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH.

But I found too many connections in that DD and my mind just started rolling once I got to the RC part. That DD isn’t a requirement for this one. This one is still about GME.

And I included an actual TLDR:

TLDR: Redditors like smaller bites and pictures than walls of text.

I know it was annoying to put a prerequisite on that DD. I figured either most apes that have been paying attention would have just started reading. Or no one read the DD library and just read the post anyway. I felt like that one needed to be out first.

Or no one Reddit…haha laughter to mask the pain

Which is fine, I’m not doing this for you apes anyway. I wanted to expand my own horizons.

Fortunately, I have a public square to post my findings.

What better way to tell the naked truth in the middle of a public square amirite???

Here’s hoping that MOASS is sooner than my prediction in said DD.

I really want to tell my wife that the boyfriend needs to sleep in the cellar from now on.


So Bestie, what is The Root of All Evil?

Simply put.


DD over.

Just kidding.

Let’s start with the basics.



What is Money?

(Internet Historian please cover GME please please please)

Money is an item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services. Money has been in various forms and has been around longer than written records. It ran empires; it has been used by hunter-gatherers in some form. Money makes the world go around as they say and always has by the history we have on record.

What are goods?

Food, Clothes, Your phone, etc. Anything that you can hold in your hand and purchase is a good.

What is a service?

Netflix, your subscription to your favorite e-girl. Anything intangible that can be bought.

Money has four main functions:

Medium of exchange:

Think of this as the way to conduct transactions with currency instead of bartering. A generalized value of a currency is better served for larger transactions instead of trying to find the value of the barter. The “Medium” in that phrase is often currency. This medium has changed as much as anything in history and will continue to evolve over time. A good example of the earlier currency is an arrowhead, rice, and gold powder in 8th century Japan.

My personal favorite example of this is a shot of whiskey. The price of a revolver bullet was about the same as a shot of whiskey. Hence the name “shot of whiskey”.

Unit of account:

Think of this concept as what a stock price is or what a currency is valued. The value is derived from what people or entities think the asset or currency is valued. Shareholders can view past performance in a more reliable way and can forecast what an asset's value is in the future. The main problem with this is two-fold. One, if people in droves drive up an asset or currency, the powers that be have to honor that, or their asset or currency becomes worthless as no party would have any faith in it. The second is Inflation and Deflation. With the rise of inflation in centralized currencies, Money is never stable in real value. This wasn’t a problem before the digital age, as when you used money, its value was absolute with whoever was doing a transaction. The COMMUNICATION was only between two parties under normal circumstances

There were only two parties. The money the other had to buy the goods from; the other had a set value in the minds of both parties to exchange and negotiate with. However, with the rise in population and the velocity of money, and the rise in communication amongst people worldwide, this concept is now more arbitrary, especially to countries that are experiencing rising inflation (cough, US, cough).

Deflation is also problematic, as less access to money will also lead money to be less valuable, This is why China was giving out its digital currency for free. They’re a centralized government, so the government controls the value that asset is worth in their country. They were trying to avoid deflation of their currency in their country.

No wonder why, they think they’ll be the only game in town eventually…

Wonder what Evergrande’s stock price is at…

Hopefully not locked in the cellar I hope… or out of the buildings…

Store of value:

This concept is the practice of using a commodity to keep purchasing power from hitting the shiter. In ancient times and even in some parts of the world today, stores of value were mostly livestock, food, and seeds. Classically, the commodities to prop up money worldwide were precious materials. Gold, Silver, and DIAMONDS are good examples of a store of value. Nowadays, Buttcoin and E-crystal are seen as new stores of value. The main difference between the new way of a store of value and the classic way is commodities like gold are/were predominately centralized. Digital currencies are buy and large decentralized.

This concept is far more important than Unit of Account because the volatility surrounding Unit of Account is greater than a physical commodity or digital currency. You can still use gold to buy things pretty much anywhere in the world. The same goes for digital currency; if the party you are trying to conduct a transaction with can accept that as payment.

(For those saying the digital currency is extremely volatile still, guess who is responsible for that, I’m getting to them)

Standard of deferred payment:

This concept is the real son of a bitch.

This function of money is the widely accepted way to value debt.

This concept is used in the mentality of buy now and pay later.

This concept is the whole basis for banks, has been and always will be.

Unless the apes have something to crush this concept altogether…

This concept in fact is so crucial to a bank's fundamental business model that it doesn’t even show up in textbooks as its own function of money. Debt is so pervasive in government and Wall Street, that it has been largely co-opted into the other three functions listed above.

Now isn’t that odd isn’t it… Bankers don’t want you to know about this… lest you know how they are robbing you of your future because they're too focused on their own high score to flex to their other friends who have hilariously high scores as well…and you're too focused on making a mortgage payment and feeding your loved ones…

All the while you bust your ass to make a 1/1000 fraction of their profits…

Banks have a vested interest in not letting the commoners know about how debt really works because if citizens educate themselves on this one concept.

Banks wouldn’t exist. PERIOD.

Essentially, the Standard of Deferred Payment is the mechanism to extract wealth from the poor.

They’re preying on your dreams of having the life they have.

They do it in front of your face using voluptuous words and dissimulation business practices.

All for a small fee on the loan you take out…

But wait… What about credit cards

Does just anyone make their own card anymore? No, only banks do

“Overdraft penalty: $150”

Seriously, you're charging me money to hold and you spend my money because you're an “expert”?

Yes Goldman, it is. Profits on your balance sheet aren’t profits to society.

Okay so now that you know the tenants of money, let's discuss the consequences of fiat currency and counterfeiting.

Let’s start with what Fiat currency is.

Fiat is the latin word for “Let it be done” or “It is decreed”.

Fiat money literally means that it is a government-issued note and they get to say if it has value or not. In some governments, it is a central bank that issues notes to its citizens.

Wow. So paper is everything to those in power.

In God we trust… Who’s God in that scenario?

Yeah pretty much. It's the way they keep control of you. They DECREE it to be so. You think laws are just words put together to tell you what you can or can’t do.

No, the MONEY ITSELF is controlling you.

Fiat has no use or intrinsic value to it.

Fiat replaced commodity money, you can’t do anything with it except cover transactions.

Fiat currency in practice is essentially racking up the scoreboard in the name of…

What exactly….


That’s right. Our ape brains developed a cute predilection for counting things when we were evolving.

Counting things make ape happy.

Mo money, Mo problems…

This phycological hack in the mind that has been there for millennia triggers the ape brain to be happier with the more things they have.

Products, Money, Partners, Food, Water…

The apes literally just want moar in life to make ape happy.

You might think “but I’m content with what I have”


You’ve conquered that side of your ape DNA that has ruled over the species literally since the beginning. Maybe you’ve awakened to the fact that meaning in your life is trying to find more meaning…

Wait… looking for moar still makes ape happy…

Can’t escape nature apes, embrace it and it will embrace you. Return to monke.

This is also an animal kingdom thing as well, birds like to collect sticks and make nests out of them.

Ever seen the movie, Chimpanzee?

Apes like to bang every apette they see. Well, that’s not just an ape thing but you get the point.

Why do you think culture nowadays is so focused on pushing for more?

More new devices to buy, More new clothes to wear, More shoes to not ever use, More shit food to guzzle down your throat, More plastic in the water, More toys for the kiddos, More remastered video games you’ve already beat, but buy again because of MOAR graphics…

More, more, more…

Sinister voice**

Inflation is good… you get MOAR money in your paycheck…Don’t question why… Be a happy peasant…obedience is bliss…

People's last names are even Moore. (Not calling y’all out, just was a connection my mind made)

Where were we…

Ohhhh yeah fiat currency.

The main problem with this sick game of only wanting more paper is when large entities can start to flex their muscles and use it to manipulate the grand game of monetary policy itself to their own will. When Nixon decoupled the US dollar from the Gold Standard and when Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, these two actions literally handed the One Ring to Sauron.

What is that One Ring….


The ability to Self Regulate and make investment banking and commercial banking one and the same was their power grab and the US literally surrendered (or CEDED) because the players and bankers that brokered the deal owned the money supply through their connections with the Fed. Undercutting the entire meaning of the Glass-Steagall legislation and the role banks were supposed to play in society.

The Fed even gave Citigroup a temporary waiver in 1998, how thoughtful Fed bois.

The US government handed the keys to the empire to a bunch of bankers that probably did coke in the White House bathroom…

Say what you will about the presidents who did these deeds… the banks were going to try to have their way anyway with some president down the line…

Monica was just too cute to pass up a happy ending for…

It’s still We the People riiiight…

Getting the United States off of the gold standard was what weakened the US dollar and made it arbitrary fiat currency…

The sharks on Wall Street then began their conquest of the American Dream.

They even had their main superweapon already primed through the entity known as the DTCC.

The Depository Trust Clearing Corporation isn’t some single conglomerate, It is the bank’s alliance to total control over the very thing that controls you and I.

Wall Street’s Icon of Sin.

The DTC, The NSCC, The OCC… Just ways of ensuring complete control through “financial instruments”.

Kenny be like “Is Mayonnaise an instrument”?

Yes plankton, these are just instruments of torture done on a grand scale.

Okay, now time to explain the counterfeit side and how our boi fucked around with the one people he should have never crossed.

The Derivatives Market.

What the hell is a derivative anyway?

Remember that scene in the Big Short with Selena Gomez and that Doctor guy…

The blackjack table represents when an actual share being bought and sold looks like.

Selena buys in. Much like a retail investor buys into a particular stock.

The dealer is the broker. They facilitate the transaction and pay you out should you win or lose your trade.

You either win the bet or lose the bet. At least that's what Wall Street wants you to think.

They make money off of you losing OR winning that bet because they went to other people watching and placed a bet on their bet. You're using their chips at their table and have to play by their rules.

Wall Street is so afraid of DRS that it would make even The Doomslayer blush when instilling fear into the heart of demons he massacres viscerally.

Apes post-MOASS

The most basic strategy, the one everyone should have been using this whole time, is to just ask if you actually owned your shares this whole time.

Because direct ownership completely lays their side bets completely naked.

You see where the DERIVATIVE in DERIVATIVE means in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary now.

The second definition…

“Something that comes from something else: a substance that is made from another substance”

This is so pervasive at the Big Money level that Archegos blew up because they bet against Spongebob.

Just stop reading and think about that for a second.

The casino that is the Stock Market makes money by betting for you AND against you.

No wonder why they thought they could never lose…

No wonder why in various media they talk about hedge funds and market makers like their gods…

Because their strategy was foolproof, good thing they never counted on the autistic powers of the Internet…

And you know what, if they can’t win at a trade, they’ll just activate the 54 trillion dollar superweapon known as the DTCC and nuke your stock price with shares that don’t even exist…

Derivatives = fake

Futures? MBS? CMBS? SBS? Options?

All derivatives.

All managed by the same superweapon…

All supervised by their lackeys who are just smart enough to obey the will of the master…

In service of the true master

And they can read your cards too… Through payment for order flow

By various brokers, with the most famous example of the Sheriff of Nottingham app.

(My stomach turns whenever I see an advertisement with them. These poor retail traders that just want to make some money have no clue what they’re signing up for. I myself included, I fell for the bullshit. No longer…)

Front running YOUR trades because they can. They have the equipment and the algorithms to process this information and data at the SPEED OF LIGHT.

Retail Traders have NO CHANCE to compete with that kind of force and ingenuity…

They are literally profiting off of you before the neuron in your brain fires off to buy that share of X company.

Why would anybody sign up for that? Oh, that’s right they bury you in terms and conditions and just bank on the fact that most people don’t read them. I will never again sign up for ANYTHING without reading that, I don’t care what it is.

You know Citadel is going to use that in the court case right?

“Oh, uh, well they agreed to get fucked by us”


The Speed of Light is no match for the reflective, autistic power of the purple diamonds...

Then we’ll leave to go help out whatever cause we as individuals feel the most called to solve…

Or we’ll go drive banana-colored Lambos naked with Models who are a 69 on the hotness scale, laughing and enjoying the life you stole from us…

Oops, guess at this table there are only apes allowed now. We’re getting all of the chips from the cashier. Y’all get monopoly money to make cute YOLO’s on what the new big kings and queens are going to do in your place.

So just how are We the People (and the rest of the world) going to go full Doomslayer on the financial world post-MOASS…

There will still be stragglers who need to be taken care of after MOASS hits…

Also apes I’m not backing down from that pick I made.

So let me get this straight: it's FUD to make a MOASS date that isn’t tomorrow?

Is it wrong that someone doesn’t think the MOASS will hit the market crashing?

I can’t believe posts like that got so many updoots…


I actually took the time to research ALL of that information to make that pick as a potential launch day…

I spent 6 months on that DD…

I thought I should have done more in that DD…

Only for some to say the MOASS will happen with the pain and suffering of others they don’t know…

I just couldn’t fit it into one post with pretty pictures like this one.

That really frustrated me to see that. Calling for an EARLY 2022 release date isn’t unrealistic Anon.

I think this should resolve any paper hands that think that they should sell these shares at all.

Too bad when I get frustrated my autism shifts into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!

my face furiously typing this DD up.

Now time to REWIND to move forward.

Welcome to decentralization baby.

Hell, what is Centralization?


Well, let me explain. Then we’ll discuss the origins of finance in the US to describe the root of this current situation we find ourselves in.

Oh, you thought this DD wasn’t deep enough, think again ape!

I can always go deeper…

Into your mom that is…




“To distribute the administrative powers or functions of (a central authority) over a less concentrated area.”


“to concentrate by placing power and authority in a center or central organization.”

(That felt dirty even typing that last definition, also of course Imperial March comes on my playlist when I start writing this part lmao.)

Back in the good ol days of the Revolutionary period in American History. There was no centralized government.

That’s right, I’m the only nerd who paid attention in History class and the one you got the study material from so you could barely remember these old dead white guys' names to scrape by history class.


The year is 1760.

When America was still 13 separate colonies on, well, America, The British Empire was just wrapping up the Seven-Years War (also known as the French and Indian War).

Several types of currency were ubiquitous and DECENTRALISED around the colonies, like coins, printed money (which was scarce at times), and trade based commodity money, so if you wanted materials, you could have used that type of money to buy goods, like using tobacco to pay for a pack of tea. The money was still denoted with the shillings, pounds, and pence.

How posh?

Fast forward to the beginning of the American Revolution.


The British Empire was nearly bankrupt after this war and needed, you guessed it, MONEY. So the Brit bois hatched up a plan, “let’s go tax the colonists, they don’t need the power quite as much as we do”

Jolly good show mate, this should end perfectly and no one will be none the wiser.

First, They have to use OUR CENTRALISED CURRENCY.


Now let’s tax them on a few fronts.

Stamps. They need letters to communicate with anyone around the colonies and even back in Britain right?

American: Uh wut?

No no, yanks OBEY

Why? Because we said so bruv.

What about tea?

Let’s do it.

Oh god they hate it, QUICK SEND THE LOBSTERS!!

That’ll show them yanks, bruv.

Shite, we don’t like what you are doing you dirty colonists, we’re going to tell you we don’t like you.

Sticks tongue out at the Americans

Americans: Oh yeah, What about THIS!

Well you know what happens next…

(Hmmm what day did that get posted again.. Wrong revolution apes…)

Fast forward to the end of the War.

America, victoriously defeating the tyranny that ruled them from far away places, had no government… We the People were a completely decentralized government for a time.

Most people remember the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the country's founding documents. No one really remembers the Centralized Federal government was ACTUALLY a Confederation at first.

(I don’t care about what the clowns in the suits do. Unfortunately, they co-opted that attire to look fly all of the time, but this DD isn’t about politics. These are just my opinions of events that happened a long time ago that the effects are still being felt today.)

Functionally, the government was about the same as it is now, still has a central government but with severely stripped power. There are still states that have their own sovereignty and rules.

Hell, there were even term limits on representatives.

I think that this document was a better written form of government than what we got with Federalism. Say what you will, I’m not here to talk politics, I’m just listing the facts of history here. The first draft is usually never the correct one, but looking at the Articles of Confederation, this was a much better alternative form of government than Federalism in my opinion.

Each state had its own currency. New York had its own currency. New Jersey had their own currency. During the war effort, the Continental Congress even issued its own money to help fund the war effort.

Federalism wanted centralized banking. The Anti-Federalists were strictly against centralized currency.


When did the Articles of Confederation get signed and ratified?

(holy shit)

Actually, three documents were signed around that time that were the early basis of the United States government. The aforementioned Articles, The Lee Resolution, which resolved the colonies as “free and independent states”, and the Model Treaty, which was the guide to foreign relations until the Monroe doctrine was implemented much later.

But I’m getting ahead of myself and that isn’t where this DD is going.

Back on track.


The Anti-Federalist (aka DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS) were in favor of the Articles of Confederation.

The Federalists were for the Constitution.

We know which one won out in the end…

Why are people so afraid to look in the mirror…

Looking back on history is power…

But then again controlling history using illusions can be potent as well…

There was even pushback even in the old days against federalism…

They’re attempt failed. This rebellion is not looked upon history well.)

History is written by the victor after all…

The root of all evil was fought from the very beginning…

Just no one remembered… or listened… just forgotten… and now mocked.

What does that remind you of?

Fast forward to the War of 1812.

Andrew Jackson and co. just braveheart charged into the Battle of New Orleans. He was victorious in battle and they had a grand party and it was sunshine and rainbows after blood was spilt and lives ended. They had crawfish and all of the good stuff in ‘nalans.

For a war that just ended…

Communication was a big problem back then wasn’t it…

Not so much now…


Thomas Jefferson was the president of the United States at the time. He was a BIG PROPONENT for DECENTRALIZATION.

Here’s some quote that sums up Thomas Jefferson.






Wow, No wonder why John Adams HATED him. John Adams was NEVER that charismatic.

John Adams accused him of being a coward and a slave fucker. To try to win re-election.

Yes, believing black people weren’t actually fellow humans was considered in the zeitgeist.

Was Thomas Jefferson flawed, yes.

He inherited 135 slaves and 11,000 acres.

The horrible things people did back in the day to their fellow humans…

These “Founding Fathers” should rest uneasy at the shameful display for letting this continue for so long…

Andrew Jackson HATED banks. Like went to his grave hating banks. He really didn’t like banks.

Also a slaveholder…

Look I’m not bringing up the slavery these two had as a way to give this any credence that slavery was justified in some economic sense. That was just the incredibly, downright evil, practice that wealthy Americans had back then to people less fortunate than them…

Hell, I think that’ll be a DD down the line for me to try to explain in full depth why slavery was, is, and always will be a very dumb way of any sort of progress in ANY form.

Huh guess slavery never really did end did it… just included more races and poor people…

Fortunately, Ideas have people, not people spouting them… and the battle for good and evil eventually still airs on the side of good, fought by flawed and in some cases extremely flawed individuals.

WOW okay Best, This is a really deep pit you’re in. Care uh, Care to explain how this is related to GME, please.

Yes dear ape, I’m getting to that right now.

I think I have made my very long-winded point to those who read all of that.

I know it's a lot…

I haven’t slept apes, this is simultaneous TIT JACKING and TERRIFYING.

I have become fully addicted to writing DD. This is fun y’all.

But to the TLDR:


CENTRALIZED “Authority” isn’t only completely against all principles of Freedom, Justice for All, and the pursuit of happiness in the United States, It’s the instrument of eternal slavery by those in control that think they know more than you and tell you what to do.

Those in power don’t want you to understand how this history is all related to today.

The Federalist Party either intentionally or unintentionally pulled the greatest trick ever told in history and forced almost 300 years of regression.

They brought us right back into the same tyranny that the original patriots of this country fought and died so that we in the future may live at peace with each other and go out to pursue what people found gave them happiness in the short lives that we spend on this planet.

A planet that has directly suffered at the hands of the very creatures that should be tirelessly working to preserve its majesty.



My autism knows no bounds SHILLS

DECENTRALIZED is what this country should have been this whole time.

The currency you and I use should have never been handed and managed over to the very people who would seek to squander it in exceedingly more ridiculous and destructive ways.

What can stand against such a force?

What can uproot the root of all evil?


Let me explain.

If the E-crystal is the store of value, and your NFT is the commodity money.

Then uh what is the point of a bank?

What would be the point of a Federal Reserve?


The function of Money is completely satisfied.

No “Legal Tender”. Just c-word and NFT.

Decentralized, voted by on and secured by the blockchain, easily transferred, and completely verifiable ownership.

The money returns to the control of We the People.

Oh, the C-word is easily launderable?

LOL, The criminal empires loves dead presidents.

This example is actually from a banker laundering money to a criminal enterprise. Sounds like the start of a joke.

The POWER must return TO THE PLAYERS!

No bloodshed or revolution is needed.

Just plug in Decentralization and the voices of the People

This country and the world might actually have a chance…

Hell, the US might find a new GOLDEN AGE from Decentralization. The focus can return to trying to solve the world's problems instead of dicking around waiting for “legislation” to finally catch up to the needs and wants of its citizens.





Disclaimer: ALL of these OPINIONS are exactly those, OPINIONS. I’m allowed to have one. You’re allowed to have one. All of this research was done by my smooth brain. NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING in this DD is a call to ANY sort of action. I’m presenting the facts of history and basing my OPINION off of events THAT ALREADY HAPPENED.

Any future or forward-looking statements are ALSO just my opinions.

Do your own Research APES. Knowledge is power. Attention is the focus. Execution is in preparation.

Love y’all apes. Hopefully, more people get to read this one.

and if not we'll that's okay too

Also at the very end here is the DD I wrote that I mentioned in this one.

I mean if you want to read the great wall of text go for it. I seriously am only making these DDs because I felt like it.

Do what you please with your updoots and awards.

Try and give them to the X and .X apes.

Also, leave an encouraging comment as well, you never know what that anon is going through.

Seeing someone comment something nice to one of these heroes can make someone’s day.

Be a blessing apes.

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