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Fairy Cat Forest: The Strongest Black Horse in Blockchain Games, emerging to match on the CryptoKitties.

Written by Blockchain News


Recently, the latest statistics show that the total transaction volume of the overseas NFT game product CryptoKitties has exceeded 2.5 billion US dollars, and the number of transactions has exceeded 800,000. This product has the highest transaction volume of NFT games at present. In August this year, it attracted international attention because it was revealed that it surpassed “LOL” in a single month.

Fairy Cat is a crypto Simulation Game, its player base is growing rapidly. Players can upgrade cat pets through different adventures to get token rewards. There are five levels of cat pets. As the pet of the player, cats can be used to fight, upgrade and collect kittens to synthesize cat pets. Cats can also be traded at higher prices in the market.

The combination of NFT + GameFi, along with the framework of the game industry, has brought new changes to blockchain gaming. In a sense, GameFi allows players to achieve financial freedom in the game. The concept of GameFi is to bring the financial properties in the form of a game, so that the game is not only a game, but also a part-time job, which greatly increases the playability.

In 2023, who will become the blockchain game product with millions of users? Fairy Cat is the most promising existence.

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CryptoKitties is currently the most lucrative project in the cryptocurrency game category. This NFT game surpasses all DeFi protocols.

Ever since CryptoKitties keeps creating the myth of wealth creation, investors have begun to look for the next high-quality target in the blockchain game market. Fairy Cat has gradually come into people's attention with its unique game mechanism and initial income bonus.

Fairy Cat Forest: The Strongest Black Horse in Blockchain Games, emerging to match on the CryptoKitties

Invite code : uUAadR

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