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A reminder to everyone, the “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins” folks exist for a reason. Don’t learn the hard way!

Written by Blockchain News


I personally always saw the “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins” people posting it non stop, and always had a bit of a eye roll. I have come to realize that they have a very valid point.

There is a reason why bitcoin maxis exist (don’t get me wrong, I’m not full bitcoin maxi as I have ETH, and some altcoins like XMR —which I lost in a tragic boating accident sadly—, but I realized they have a point). Time and time again people have learned the hard way. And that had turned them into bitcoin maxis.

I got rekt on Celsius, lost low 5 figures. I stopped paying attention to the crypto news around early 2022 due to the prices always going down, etc. I was going to withdrawn my crypto the day before they stopped withdrawals, but I didn’t since I was grandfathered into the “Earn” program (which as it turns out was a huge fucking lie), and if I withdrew, I wouldn’t be able to earn interest. I thought they were staking my ETH (cause I was getting like 3% interest)….

After that I vowed never again. I got a hardware wallet, and only leave a small amount of crypto on exchanges (only like a few dollars on coinbase). I’m rebuilding my stack slowly. I always saw the “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins” folks in the comments on Twitter (new to reddit), and thought they were paranoid. Now I am one of them, and am “paranoid”. Binance has been giving me FTX vibes, so stay away (I never had a account with them, they always seemed suspicious).

On another note, FUCK ALEX MASCAMSKY

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