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Reddit Rabbids x Reddit Collectible Avatars Analysis 1 Day Later

Written by Blockchain News


Total Volume: 15.3278 ETH ($38,222.78 CAD)

Reddit takes a 5% fee on all secondary market sales so they have earned 0.76639 ETH ($1,911.13 CAD).


Ninja Rabbid: 50,000

Knight Rabbid: 75,000

Raving Rabbid: 10,000

Traveler Rabbid: 10,000

Plunger Rabbid: 5,000

Unicorn Rabbid: 500

Floor Prices:

Ninja Rabbid Floor Price: 0.36 MATIC

Knight Rabbid Floor Price: 0.36 MATIC

Raving Rabbid Floor Price: 6 MATIC

Traveler Rabbid Floor Price: 3.7 MATIC

Plunger Rabbid Floor Price: 8 MATIC

Unicorn Rabbid Floor Price: 0.054 ETH

Highest Sales:

Ninja Rabbid Highest Sale: 0.04 ETH – Ninja Rabbid #69

Knight Rabbid Highest Sale: 0.15 ETH – Knight Rabbid #1

Raving Rabbid Highest Sale: 0.02 ETH – Raving Rabbid #42

Traveler Rabbid Highest Sale: 0.30 ETH – Traveler Rabbid #1

Plunger Rabbid Highest Sale: 0.10 ETH – Plunger Rabbid #8

Unicorn Rabbid Highest Sale: 0.35 ETH – Unicorn Rabbid #9

Top 5 Holders:

0x9eC2a0429ACc66e4CA2C622Ed85CAb500Eb07fB7 owns the most with 1,817 NFTs from this drop.

559 Ninja Rabbid

594 Knight Rabbid

221 Raving Rabbid

312 Travelers Rabbid

100 Plunger Rabbid

19 Unicorns

What are your thoughts on this drop on this being the first collaboration Reddit did for their avatars? Does Reddit need bot protection? Did you manage to get an avatar on this drop?

These were free so remember that!


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