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What Is Restaking? What Is Liquid Restaking? What Is EigenLayer?

EigenLayer and similar “restaking” protocols are currently the buzziest investment in blockchain, but the technology isn't without risks.

Which Is the Best Self-Custody Lightning Wallet?

Bitcoin educator Anita Posch tested the Blixt, Green, Mutiny, Phoenix and Zeus Lightning wallets while traveling in Zimbabwe.

A Beginner’s Guide to AI Tokens

AI tokens will play an integral role in the adoption of machine learning models in the blockchain industry.

What Are Crypto OTC Desks And How Do They Work?

Cryptocurrency OTC desks play an essential role in facilitating large cryptocurrency trades in the global crypto markets.

What Is Block Finality in Crypto?

Block finality is an integral feature of blockchains, enhancing transactional security in distributed cryptocurrency networks.

What Is MiCA And What Does It Mean for Crypto Users in Europe?

The European Union’s Market in Crypto Assets (MiCA) Regulations aims to make the crypto industry in the Eurozone a transparent and secure environment for investors.

Atomic Swaps: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Atomic swaps open the door for truly decentralized cross-chain trading.

Bitcoin Name Service (BNS) Explained: A Guide to .BTC Domains

Bitcoin Name Service (BNS) domains provide Bitcoin web3 users with human-readable .btc names for their wallets.

Bitcoin Whales: What They Are & How to Spot Them?

Bitcoin whales are major market players who can influence the price of bitcoin when they decide to buy or sell large volumes of the digital currency.

What Is a Smart Contract Audit?

Smart contract security audits are an integral part of ensuring a secure and user-friendly web3 experience.

What Is Bitcoin Dollar-Cost Averaging? A Beginner’s Guide

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) bitcoin in an automated manner has emerged as a popular way to “stack sats” among Bitcoiners.

Crypto Rug Pulls: What Are They & How to Avoid Them

Crypto rug pulls cause billions of dollars in loses in the global crypto markets.

Bitcoin ETFs Explained: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Bitcoin ETFs provide traditional investors with a regulated investment vehicle that enables them to invest in bitcoin without having to directly own the underlying cryptocurre…

What Is a Central Bank Digital Currency? A Brief Guide to CBDCs

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) aims to take the benefits from blockchain-based digital currency and combine it with fiat currency under the control of the central bank.

What Is SocialFi? A Beginner’s Guide

SocialFi is Web3’s answer to Web2’s social media problems by enabling users to have control over their content and allow them to directly monetize it.

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