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Be gready when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. You probably shouldn’t FOMO now if you were too afraid to buy crypto in last few months. That’s just your greed speaking.

Written by Blockchain News


Many people forgot about one of most important rules in crypto – don't make emotional decions. Majority of people let FUD and FOMO control them. They were too afraid to buy when BTC was under $20k, but now when prices pump they FOMO with no hestitation… That kind of behaviour is bad for investor that should use brain to make their decisions. Don't let people talking about bullrun or greed of others dictate what you should do. If you were too afraid to buy when for months prices were very low ask yourself why you want to buy now. If it cold calculation and faith in crypto in long term or just you emotions and greed?

Will we go up or down? No one knows shit about fuck. Don't let fools fool you with talking about bullrun, we are far from it. With every small pump in last months people started FOMO, just to spread FUD few days later. Now when pump is higher FOMO also will be higher. Many people bought BTC for $50k or $60k, they won't be satisfied with any result other than that. They have false hope that after 2 years they will be in green again. Most of them would probably hold through next ATH too, if you follow emotions like fear and greed you will be always victim of them.

If you want to be better than average stop following herd like another mindless ship, instead YOLO and FOMO buy the dip and DCA. We had dip for months, if you missed it you have no excuses. Now best idea is to DCA. You want to buy BTC or other crypto now? Your choice, just don't buy all at once with no hestitation. It probably will end terribly. Always DYOR before listening to anyone shilling you anything to or promising higher prices. Be fearful when everyone else is greedy.

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